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Austin Healey Mark iii (BJ8) 1965 matching number. Έχει πιστοποιητικά Heritage, FIVA, Πινακίδες κρατικές, ΚΤΕΟ.

Το αυτοκίνητο ανήκει σε μέλος του JCG συντηρείται άψογα και ψάχνει νέο ιδιοκτήτη για να κάνει πάρα πολλά χιλιόμετρα ξεκούραστα (έχει και overdrive).

Here is some information for the particular vehicle:

To begin with, here are the identification numbers:
Car/chassis number: H-BJ8-L/33909
Engine number: 29K-FARU-H/298
Body number: 3212BJ8/78743.

A copy of the Production Record Trace Certificate number 2000/6251 is among the photos attached.

According to the Piraeus Customs Certificate, the car (of French specifications – letter F on engine number and as per Record Trace Certificate) was auctioned in Greece by the Hellenic Army Pension Fund (Μετοχικό Ταμείο Στρατού) and was customs cleared in Greece on January 9, 1973. Vehicle Registration Document nr. 533312 from the Z’ Piraeus Customs was issued on June 6, 1975, basis the car body number. Car remained without a license plate number till January 26, 2001, when my brother Spiro bought it. After having bought it, he paid duties and issued a proper Greek Registration document in his name as well as a Greek license plate.

Before buying it, I arranged for the Record Trace Certificate 2000/6251 (British Motor Industry Heritage Trust) to be issued in my name, so that we know what we were about to buy. Car matches all the Certificate numbers so it is a “matching numbers” car as they say in the car jargon, but does not match colour, which according to the Certificate was British Racing Green, while the car was actually red. I resprayed the car in Colorado Red over Ivory, i.e. as it appears on the photos and as is today.

Car featured black ambla upholstery, while now is featuring black leather seats instead of ambla. Two piece rear shelf and rear side panels were original and were kept so, as they are having a nice patina. So if one wishes, basis these 4 panels, could easily bring the car back to the original ambla upholstery. He would only need to change the 4 leather seat covers with ambla ones.

There are several spare parts available, the most important of which are a factory hardtop and a NOS engine cover. On top of the 5 slightly used Dunlop RS5 tires that the car is equipped with, there is also a 6th unused one available.

Sale price is Euro 65K, way below expenses incurred to buy, restore and keep it in its nice present condition.

Reason for sale is that I have been involved heavily with another English car make (Jaguar/Daimler) and I have decided to dedicate myself into this one only. So unfortunately the Healey has to go, as there are too many cars in my shed now.    

I can reply to any questions arisen and pls feel free to forward this message anywhere you feel appropriate.
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