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Daimler Sovereign 4.2 C

This fabulous and rare Daimler is for sale by a member of Jaguar Club of Greece.

additional information from Jaguar Club and on the Car.gr website Here

Daimler Sovereigns were based on contemporary Jaguar bodyshells, chassis and engines in an example of badge engineering. Jaguar Cars took over Daimler Company in 1960. Daimler Sovereign name remained in use for Series II version of XJ6, with a raised front bumper and shallower grille. A 2-door coupe variant of the Sovereign Series II was built on the shorter wheelbase platform that was offered from 1975 to 1977 marketed as Daimler Sovereign Two-Door 4.2. Only 112 LHD 4.2 C have been produced.


Το Club μεταφέρει μόνο την πληροφορία. δεν εμπλέκεται με τη συναλλαγή

(Ενημέρωση Μάιος 2023)