Summer Lockout Tour

Finally on Sunday, June 21 we met again to celebrate the end of the lockdown and the beginning of summer.

We were all very happy for two reasons, first because we were able to meet up and second because our Jaguars got tired of staying in the garages even though they all wear a “chrome mask”! The Jaguar Club during the lockdown had sent “racing masks” with the Club logo to all members so that we could be glamorous and safe at close distances. To tell the whole truth, it was hard not to hug like we always did “before Covid”! The route on the panoramic downhill road through the pine trees was very pleasant and at the end we reached the cool beach of Markopoulou Oropou.


We felt safe because they kept all the protection measures at a distance from the tables and also the cooks and waiters wore gloves and face shields.

Our cheerful company enjoyed very fresh fish right on the beach and no one wanted to leave so that they could be more satisfied with the company up close that we so missed.