Summer Full Moon
Meeting 21/6/2024

Evia Grand Tour

JCG News Letter

The Jaguar Club of Greece brings together friends who are aware of Jaguar & Daimler’s cultural, technological and aesthetic influence in the global automotive industry, and for this reason, they appreciate the technological innovations that have contributed to the development of glorious pages of the competitions history.

Thanks to this passion, our members are keeping with pride and dedication a “moving museum” so that in the future the next passionate custodians of each Vintage & Classic Jaguar take the relay to continue with the same love keeping them working and driving them for the next years to come.

At the same time, people who will meet them will be able to admire the differences between the various models and appreciate their historical heritage as in an itinerant “technological family tree.


ach meeting is meticulously organized, choosing each time a different theme to always amaze and surprise members with something new and interesting. Particularly for overnight stays, very exclusive high-level locations are preferred (with great attention to parking security and extra choices dedicated to our Ladies) in locations that have a historical and cultural character but also technological, scientific, naturalistic and environmental sensitivity.

The Jaguar Club of Greece promotes meetings and social gatherings in a friendly and never antagonistic environment and members are selected with great attention on their discretion and respect for privacy because for us “Jaguar” in addition to a glorious brand is our style of Gentleman & Lady Drivers.

DDuring Jaguar Club of Greece events you will have the opportunity to feel like the Gentlemen Drivers of the 50s. You will enjoy the pleasure of driving your Jaguar or Daimler and you will share the same passion with your Ladies and your friends in an exclusive, elegant but low profile environment. By learning better technical tips and simple rules of your beautiful car it will be easier to maintain it and you can decide to participate in even  more distant gatherings, enjoying the pleasure of driving and live new memorable experiences among friends sharing the same passion.

Having as targets “Excellence and Elegance”, the Jaguar Club of Greece has already proved its unicity and positioned itself differently from the range of historic car clubs and for this reason, its members are so proud and enthusiastic.