Members Benefits

Up to date subscription Club members have multiple benefits:

  • Participation to events in Greece and abroad with special privileges
  • Organized visits to fairs in Greece and abroad and information on the activities of similar clubs abroad
  • Electronic Newsletter of the “Leaping Cat”
  • Access to the Club House
  • Access to the extensive Jaguar library at the Club House. (Books, magazines, etc. on historical, technical, racing, etc.)
  • Participation in seminars and tips for the maintenance and restoration of Jaguars
  • Technical evaluation of Jaguar / Daimler before purchase
  • Suggestions for partial or total restoration according to FIVA standards
  • Support for Jaguar / Daimler restoration and maintenance
  • Tips for finding Jaguar parts
  • Exchange of knowledge, not only technical, with other members of the JCG
  • Discounts and special agreements with suppliers
  • Family members association at advantageous rates
  • Free registration in the Jaguar Register Greece
  • Possibility to invite member’s friends to events according with the organization
  • Discounts on participation in events

For all members’ cars (regardless make) possibility of:

  • Technical examination of the car to obtain FIVA Card (*) or Young Timer Card (**)
  • Assistance in the procedures for FIVA Card (*), Young Timer Card (**), request for Certificates according to current regulations
  • Assistance in the process of obtaining historical license plates (*)
  • Assistance in applying for a Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate (for Jaguar / Daimler older than 10 years)
  • Special car insurance rates (*) (**)
  • Roadside assistance at preferential conditions for all members’ cars

(*) for cars over 30 years old registered in Greece
(**) for cars from 20 to 30 years old registered in Greece

But the main privilege is that each member belongs to a Gentlemen & Ladies Drivers Club