Circulations rules for vehicles with the
current and future Greek historical plates

November 5, 2021

Read HERE the new Law 4805 for the complete information (in Greek)

On November 4th a new law was voted and published in the Greek Official Government Gazette. It will be in force after 18 months.
Here is the new situation:

  1. Representatives of FIVA, FIA and FIM are the only institutions entitled of certifying the historical status of the vehicles and issuing the historical certificates (the content of which will be defined by the Ministry of Transport). The representatives will be no longer authorized to release “their” number plates. Their Existing Greek historic number plates will be not valid valid after May 5th, 2023. With this new law, only the Greek State (Ministry of Transport) will issued the new historical number plates. 
  2. In order to keep the status of historical vehicle, every 5 years car owners will have to bring an updated historical certificate issued by one of the three Federations FIVA, FIA and FIM to the Ministry of Transport.
  3. The owner of the vehicle that today has Greek (not historical) number plates and documents, will have to cancel the registration from the Greek Transport Public Register (not historical) to be entitled to request the new historical number plates and registration documents.
  4. The owner of the vehicle that today DOES NOT have Greek plates and documents but has only importation documents (as object and not as a car) will can achieve the new historical plates and registration documents from the Greek State.
  5. Historical vehicles will be able to circulate 365 days per year in the whole Greek territory and abroad BUT the Ministry of Transport has the authority to limit the circulation with an official ministerial decision.
  6. Each vehicle aged between 30 and 44 years will have to pay a circulation tax (50, 100, 200€ – motorbikes will pay less) depending on the engine capacity, vehicles over 45 years old are exempt.
  7. RWT will take place every year.
  8. The owner has the possibility of handing over the vehicle’s plates and documents to the tax office for short or long periods – for reasons such as temporary stop paying part of the circulation tax, insurance and/or having the vehicle inspected (RWT) or restored.
  9. For some vehicles (military vehicles not used for transport of people) it will not be possible to have access to the new regulations and to the new historic State plates. They will continue to follow the old rules (limited circulation, number plates and documents issued by the Federations,  no RWT, no tax)

As mentioned above,  the new law will come into force  on 5/5/2023  (18 months after publication in the official government Gazette). Until then, the existing rules still apply. In the meantime the Ministry of Transport will give instructions to the Greek Public Register for the new number plates and registration certificates, to the bodies entitled with RWT, to EOFILPA Federation (FIVA represent in Greece) for the exact text  of  the certification of historic status and to the Tax Office  (so that each vehicle will automatically appear in the pre-filled tax return form and so is  the issue of the relevant tax payment slip).

* Clarifications and tips from the Club.

The JMC is still in force 24/12/19 – Government Gazette 31/12/2019

Circulation rules for vehicles with existing Greek license plates (until 5/5/2023):

  • Events approved by the ministry, such as those of the Jaguar Club. Circulation is allowed up to two days before the start of the event and only for a one-time trip from the parking lot to the starting point. Also one day after the end and only for the one-way route from the finish point to the parking lot. The participant must have received acceptance of participation.
  • Every working day for transfer to a workshop if there are proven appointments (eg e-mail) and for the shortest route from the parking lot to the workshop and in a limited geographical area.
  • Every Sunday in a limited geographical area. i.e. For anyone living in Athens, circulation is allowed in Attica but not in the islands.


Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) Government Gazette 31/12/2019 Here (in Greek valid until 5/5/2023).

Additional information from the Jaguar Club of Greece.

(Updated: November 5, 2021)