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Technical Seminar

At the Technical Seminar meetings we develop and explain “Technical” issues that concern members and Jaguar Club. Technical issues also include traffic regulations, historical number plates and documents, certifications and attestations for historic vehicles, restoration of historic vehicles, and others.

The Technical Seminar also gives us the opportunity to learn to do some small works on our cars our  and/or to be able of asking our mechanics what to check more carefully. Nothing is difficult and we will feel more confident if we know how to “tame” our jaguar with good manners!

In the Club House we have many books and catalogs for every Jaguar model. We also have a monitor with a DVD player and we can watch technical and racing films.

This relaxed “technical tutorial” will eliminate our anxiety when we take our jaguar for a ride in the road jungle and we do not understand why it is not going as it should.

The seminar will be completely free of charge for members only! LIMITED Number of Participants For the other friends there will be a charge of 20€ but we will definitely have a good time.

So we are waiting for you with joy and fun at the Club offices in Psihiko

Note: Since there are many topics, parts of them will be developed according to the priority and participants needs.