Kalavryta Discovery

Some people may have already visited Kalavrita but, driving a historic Jaguar or another supercar was a very different experience for our members. We have chosen the best hotel in the area: the Kalavrita Canyon Hotel & Spa which has secured us all parking places in its Garage for our 17 crews (a couple of our friends came from Italy just for our event!)


On Saturday we had lunch in a private room at the Grand Chalet and in the afternoon we visited the unique monastery of Mega Spilaio with its important relics.

Having the exclusive use of the Garage allowed us to explore the city on foot and relax in the cafes and well known taverns we booked weeks before…

…we can also get on board the Odontoto: the rack railway, having pre-booked an entire carriage in both directions to relax on a romantic journey through time and nature.

In the old photo dated 1896, we can see workers and officers on the Odontotos bridge and next to it, on the same bridge 126 years later, all the gentlemen drivers of our club!

Friends who came from Friday had the opportunity to visit the Agia Lavra Monastery and its museum with the historical silk Banner of the Revolution


…but also drive up to the mountain to admire Kalavryta from above and pass by the Holocaust Memorial of December 13, 1943.

During these difficult days of our time, it is even more important to appreciate and take advantage of every opportunity to meet true friends who, in addition to strong human values, share also the same passion for Jaguar cars. Thanks to our events, many members have connected with each other with sincere friendships.

This is a key secret of the success of the “Jaguar Club of Greece”.